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Five Signage Tips to Enhance the Customer Experience from Within

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

While your building sign may draw people through the door, effective interior signage will reveal your company’s personality and culture, showcase successes and close the deal. To help you enhance the customer or client experience from within, the sign makers at Auckland’s Onform Signs have come up with five tips to make sure your indoor signage is hitting the mark.

Make a Good First Impression

Reception signage has the power to make a great first impression with clients, customers and guests. The signage you hang in the front of the office can express your company’s unique character while acting as the client’s first point of contact. Whether it’s 3D lettering, quality graphics or attractive backlighting, make sure your reception signage stands out, looks professional and reflects your brand.

Make the Most of Interior Walls, Doors and Windows

The space inside your business’s four walls is an opportunity to create personality and reflect the company’s values. The options are nearly endless – you can use video walls to showcase past projects to your clients; build character through unique signage on meeting room doors; or balance privacy with professionalism by etching your logo onto the frosted glass windows of the conference room.

Don’t Forget Indoor Wayfinding Signs

Not everyone inside your office, shop or restaurant has been there before – make newcomers feel comfortable by including wayfinding signs as part of your interior fit out. Wayfinding signs are directional, so their first job is to help visitors find the bathroom or stairs, fitting rooms or meeting rooms. But don’t let their utilitarian purposes stop you from having a little fun – by incorporating quirky graphics, unique arrows or unusual colours, your wayfinding signs can help your business stick in customer’s minds.

Look at Lighting

Exterior signs have to be visible and eye-catching in natural lighting, but indoor lighting is a completely different ballgame. Signage companies examine the type of lighting they are working with to make sure indoor signage suits that particular space. You may need to tone down the bold colours of your building signage to work with the artificial lighting inside your office.

Consistency Counts

Before signing off on your interior signs, have a look at your company’s brand as a whole with an eye for consistency. Certain distinctions are necessary between exterior, indoor and vehicle signage, but you want to make sure all your signage exudes the same overall feeling and a cohesive message is coming across all these channels.

Looking for professional sign makers to design, manufacture and install excellent indoor signage in Auckland? Speak to the signwriting specialists at Onform Signs.

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