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Trailer Signage

Stand out with powerful trailer signage, graphics & wraps

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Trailer Signage & Wrap in Auckland

If a trailer – or fleet or trailers – is part of your business, it’s essential that you get them wrapped in effective and eye-catching signage. Similar to vehicle signage, wrapping your trailer will turn it into a moving billboard, advertising your business wherever you go.

Mobile marketing needs to be attractive, easy to read and interesting so that passers-by will notice you and look you up. Onform Sign’s signwriters will wrap your trailer in quality graphics that work for you around the clock.

Computer Cut Trailer Graphics

Simple bold colours that are computer cut decals offer a cost-effective solution for clients that simply want to get their name our there on their trailer. Cut from a solid opaque roll of 3M film the colours are almost endless. We can use materials that are warranted on a vertical surface for 5-7 years.

trailer signage
Half or Full Trailer Wraps

Do you want your business to really stand out & get noticed? Do yourself a favour, & invest in a half or full trailer wrap as your imagination is your only limitation - or feel free to use ours!

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