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6 Signage Techniques that Will Bring Customers into Your Store

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

They say you have three seconds to catch a customer’s eye and grab their attention, so use them wisely. As the first thing your potential customer will see, your retail sign has a big role to play in bringing people through your door. That’s why our signwriters have come up with six important signage practices that work wonders in the world of retail.

Be concise

Whether it’s in a shopping centre or on a busy street, your retail shop is surrounded by competitors. Because you’re all attempting to grab the attention of passersby – and because shoppers make snap decisions – it’s important to let potential customers know in an instant what you’re selling. Avoid clutter and keep your exterior retail signs short and to the point.

Easy to read font

Going hand-in-hand with concise signs is the principle of using effective font and lettering. Your sign’s words should be large enough to see from a distant and legible enough to read with ease. Leave the fancy fonts for wedding invitations and make sure that your retail sign will be visible even to those who left their glasses at home.

Include window signage

If your building sign is like an icon on a map, window signage is like a flashing beacon. Retail shops can do a lot with their windows, from displaying your opening hours to showing off your personality, communicating sales to showcasing this season’s latest fashion trends.

Speak to your customer

It’s a classic marketing technique, using words like “you” or “yours” as a way to directly engage with your customer rather than make them feel like they’re just a number. When you use ‘you’ language, your signs are strong and effective, letting your customer visualise wearing your clothes, cooking with your food or trying on your jewelry.

Know your brand

Retail signage is a chance to express your personality, showcase your unique selling point and attract the right type of clientele. Whether it's jewellery, mens underwear or sports shoes, you need to get your retail signage first time. This is probably the trickiest part of signage, so it’s worth discussing your company culture with an experienced signwriter so they can brainstorm effective ways to show off your brand.

Signage that offers a positive experience once inside

Round out your effective retail signage campaign by hanging equally strong signs inside your store. Sale rack and new product signs are very useful, while wayfinding signs that make navigating your store a breeze.

Whether you’re fitting out a new shop or need to improve your existing retail signs, get in touch with the NZ signwriting specialists at Onform Signs.

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