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Why are Point of Sale Signs so Effective?

It seems almost too simple: put a sign right next to the checkout and watch customers take out their wallets. It can’t be that easy, can it? The truth is, point of sales are an extremely effective form of marketing and you’re missing out if your business or shop is missing one. Here, our signage team dives into what exactly point of sale signage is and why it’s so valuable.

What are point of sale signs?

Point of sale signs are essentially sale signs that are hung right next to, above, or near the checkout. They’re excellent for promotions, seasonal sales and specials. But they can work just as well in small settings as in large shops, highlighting a retail shelf at a yoga studio or sauces for sale at your restaurant.

Why they work

Up to three-quarters of purchase decisions are made in-store. Even if customers come in with an idea of exactly what they want to buy, they often make last minute sale decisions. Point of sale signage draws in customers’ attention, tempting them with sales or specials.

Here a few of the reasons they work so well:

Communicate a message quickly

Sale! Special! Last chance! Signs showing off promotions can express more to your customer in an instant than any staff member can. While a salesperson walking around shouting, “sale!” would seem pushy, a sign doing the same thing is extremely effective and well-received.

Nothing as effective as a deadline

A seasonal sale or limited time promotion has that ‘now-or-never’ feel that encourages people to buy something they want or need before it’s too late. If there’s something they wanted to purchase but were putting off, a point of sale sign can encourage them to buy it now before it’s too late.


All your signage, from building signs to vehicle wraps, is an opportunity to create a cohesive brand that customers recognize. Point of sale signs are no different. While they might be simple and express little more than a seasonal sale, they should match your business’s colours, lettering and style, perhaps even include your company name or logo.

You’re targeting paying customers

While you may have plenty of people looking in your store just to browse, these signs target customers who have already decided to make a purchase, encouraging them to add something else to their pile. They are already going to spend money, the point-of-sale sign might just increase how much.

Improve your customer’s experience

Point-of-sale signs can help direct customers towards the check out, showcase a sale they didn’t know existed and create a unique and interesting shopping experience. By improving your customers’ experience in your store, they are more likely to return and spread the word.

Looking for effective point of sale signage for your Auckland or Waikato business? Speak to the signwriters at Onform Signs and we’ll turn your checkout into a moneymaker!

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