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Different Vehicles Need Different Signs: Here’s Our Guide to Getting it Right

There’s no disputing that vehicle wraps are an effective and affordable form of advertising. But there are a lot of different types of vehicles on our roads and signage needs to approach each one differently. That’s why the signwriters at Onform Signs has created this guide to making sure you get the most of your vehicle.

Car wraps

Let’s start with the most basic and classic type of vehicle signage: cars. These days, there are so many car wraps on the streets that the top priority is to stand out from the pack. Small lettering and a phone number won’t cut it anymore: we recommend going big and bold for your car wrap. To get noticed, you need eye catching graphics; contrasting colours and legible lettering; and innovative designs.

Large truck signage

Thanks to their size and girth, trucks in and of themselves attract attention. This means that you don’t have to think outside the box with your truck signage. A simple logo and your company’s name are often sufficient, though you can also add some simple imagery to compliment the look. The bigger the truck, the truer this is.

A fleet

It’s common sense that if you have a fleet of company cars, you’re likely to get noticed more often than a single signwritten vehicle. While the design style you choose depends on your service offering, when it comes to wrapping a fleet of cars, utes or trucks consistency is key. Make sure your entire fleet looks alike by using the same logo, lettering and colour schemes – it will greatly increase your company’s brand awareness and credibility.


It’d be a little unnerving to see a digger or crane with a silly graphic or pun plastered across the side, right? We think so too, which is why we suggest keeping heavy machinery signage very simple and including little more than your business’s name, logo and perhaps a phone number.

Motorbikes, boats and more

There are other vehicles on the roads – or waterways – that may be wrapped too. It may be rarer to glimpse a motorbike, boat or campervans that’s signwritten, but if you do see one, it’s probably pretty memorable! If you are using one of these less common vehicles as part of your marketing strategy, work with a signwriting specialist who will take your specific conditions – sunlight, salt water, wind – into account when creating a professional-looking sign for your unique vehicle.

No matter what type of vehicle you want wrapped, the team at Onform Signs in Auckland and the Waikato can help.

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