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What Marketing Execs Want You to Know About Signage

Updated: May 7, 2021

It’s hard to overemphasize the value of a good sign. From attracting visitors to your store to impressing your clients, catching new eyes to refreshing your brand, signs play an undoubtedly important role in your business’s overall marketing strategy. That’s why we spoke to some of Auckland’s leading marketing specialists about their take on what everyone should know about signage.

A cohesive look counts

One of the most important aspects of your brand is consistency. Don’t try minimalism on your building sign, quirky and colourful for your interior and retro graphics for your vehicle wrap. It’s confusing, and confusing things are not likely to stay in customers’ minds – at least not for the right reasons. Marketing specialists understand that a cohesive look is everything, so define your brand and stick to it.

Make sure you get seen

From using lettering that is legible to hanging your sign where people will actually see it, a strong sign is only as good as its visibility. This principle can be applied both for physical signs as well as in the digital world, where you want to be advertising your logo and company in places where it’s sure to get noticed.

Vehicle signs are valuable

Ah, the billboards with wheels. If only YouTube and Facebook ads could follow you around like a car wrap! There is truly no other marketing tool that gets out on the roads attracting as diverse a set of eyeballs as the humble sign written car. If you want to catch as many people’s attention for as little money as possible, vehicle signage is a must.

Be unique

We are all bombarded with marketing material throughout the day – on our phones, on TV and on the streets. We can’t avoid it, but we can tune it out. That’s why you need your signage to be unique, so you cut through the noise and stick in people’s head. You want a sign to stand out from the hordes of other buildings, you want people’s eyes drawn to your flag at an expo, and you want your car to be memorable. Find your point of difference and express it clearly through your signage.

Work with a professional

There’s little point following all those other marketing rules if you end up looking like an amateur. Whether it’s for a new business or a rebranded office, a one-off event sign or a wall wrap, always work with a professional signwriter who will ensure your signs are striking, appropriate and built to last.

Create signage a marketing executive would be proud of! Speak to the Auckland signwriters at Onform Signs today.

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