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Why Building Signage Matters in the Digital Age

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Digital marketing is crucial today – websites and social media, e-newsletters and Google searches – but all of it is for nothing if people cannot find your business in the real world. Yes, we live in a Digital Age, but there are countless reasons why strong and professional building signs are still exceedingly important. Here’s a breakdown from the sign makers at Auckland’s Onform Signs on the why building signage matters more than ever.

The Purpose of Building Signs

Your outdoor building sign is a visual depiction of your business. It communicates with the world beyond your walls, telling current and potential customers who – and where – you are. Installing an easy-to-see, professional sign on your architectural designer building is not unlike the little red flag that pops up on the map on your screen: it shows people where you are and helps you become a recognisable and memorable landmark within your city.

Building Signs Work With – Not Against – The Digital World

People spend a lot of time online and it can lead to digital fatigue, so when a familiar name pops up during an online search for a product or service, people are far more likely to direct their business that way. Through this lens, you can understand why a building sign that stands out on the streets of Auckland works hand-in-hand with a strong digital marketing campaign.

Building Signage Tells Customers ‘I’m Still Here’

Gaining new clients is only half the battle, retaining your existing ones is just as important. Building signage will help to do just that – by having a presence in the physical world, you are reminding current clients of your brand, and the good work you have done for them in the past. These visual reminders of your business give customers a sense of stability and peace of mind.


People can’t help it – we are built to believe that the appearance of a building’s signage reflects the business within making high quality, attractive signs of utmost importance. The style of your sign will align you within your industry and acts as a window into how your business operates. Professional signwriting considers spelling and legibility, logos and lighting, lettering, location and size.

Signage Simply Works

Signwriting studies show time and again that people frequently visit businesses because of their signs – and they recommend businesses to others based entirely on building signage. On the flip side, consumers admit they are deterred from entering a building if signage is not visible or legible. Staggering signage statistics show that it is well worth the money to invest in strong building signage.

See for Yourself

If you are looking to start out strong or rebrand, building signage is just as important as your website. Get in touch with the team of sign makers at Auckland’s Onform Signs today – 0508 SIGNAGE.

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