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The Different Kinds of Outdoor Signage You Need to Know About

When it comes to outdoor signage there are many options to choose from. Outdoor signage comes in various shapes and formats and specific signs are suited for different business objectives. Read on for an overview of the main types of outdoor signage so you can make the best-informed decision for your signage needs.

Building signage

If you’re wanting your business to stand out, building signage is the best place to start. The exterior of your building is a very valuable resource - a well-placed strong sign plays an important role to help people locate your business. It promotes your brand to anyone who might drive or walk past, and it’s generally your business's beacon signalling who, what and where you are.

Windows and frosting signage

A great option for windows and doors to maximise visibility and advertise your business. This type of signage is also very practical and films are available that reduce glare, offer safety and privacy while also allowing light in. Window frosting signage is a visually appealing and effective way to add privacy perfect for any spaces or rooms where extra privacy is required.

Illuminated neon signs

Make a bright statement with an illuminated neon sign. You can choose a back-lit logo, lit up lettering or a bold neon sign. An affordable option, neon is guaranteed to be visible and eye-catching.

Sky signage

For maximum impact, sky signage is the way to go. It requires a lot of planning and technical skill and will result in your business really standing out from the rest with your branding displayed across the top of a high-rise building. It’s striking, impressive and is the ideal option for companies that have signage rights to a building and want to make their mark on the cityscape.

Crane signage

If you want your construction site to double as a marketing opportunity, promote your business by plastering branding across the side of a sky-high crane. You can make the most of crane signage which is highly visible and catches the eye of thousands of people in the city below every day.

Plinths and pylons

Freestanding plinth and pylon signs can be set up outside your business to make a statement for any passersby. They are great for parking, directions and making your business easy to find.

Footpath signs

Cost-effective simple signage, popping a sign outside of your business is an easy way to attract new customers. They can be set up almost anywhere, are easy to move and simple to update.

Retail signage

For retail businesses, your storefront signage has the opportunity to entice, intrigue, inform and draw in potential customers - all in a split second. People make snap decisions when shopping so you want to make sure your retail signage really makes a strong and informative impact.

Safety, compliance road and wayfinding signs

The names of these types of outdoor signs speak for themselves and all have very specific needs. Safety and visibility are the top priority when it comes to road signage, and wayfinding signs need to be concise and easy to understand, directing people easily.

Want to know what outdoor signage is best for your business? Get in touch with signage specialists at Onform Signs today and make your signs stand out from the rest.

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