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Six Surprising Reasons Your Work Car Needs to be Sign Written

We all know that vehicle signs stand out on the street and offer your company a professional look. But there are also some unexpected benefits of car signage. That’s why the signwriters at Onform Signs in Auckland and Pukekohe are sharing six of the more surprising reasons your fleet should be wrapped.

Car signage keep thieves away

Here’s a tip that will have everyday people plastering personal signs on their cars: vehicle wraps are undesirable to thieves. In fact, it’s such an effective deterrent that some insurance companies offer lower premiums to sign written cars! The logic is pretty simple: if your car has distinguishable signage covering it, it’s more noticeable and therefore not all that attractive for automobile theft.

Signage preserves your car

Car wraps don’t just protect your car from robbers, they also guard against everyday wear and tear on the roads. Think of it like that plastic sheet your grandmother never removed from the sofa – it gives you protection from chips, dents and scratches but with the added benefits of advertising and impressive aesthetics. And unlike that couch, it doesn’t take away from the comfort!

It’s easy to find your car

Ever had trouble locating your car amongst a sea of silver, black and blue sedans? By wrapping your car in eye-catching graphics or stand-out lettering, it’ll be easier to find your car, even if you’re not great at remembering where you parked. This is more of a personal benefit, although finding your car quickly can also save you time while on a job.

Car signage shows you care

Customers and clients want to know that they are working with someone who cares – but this isn’t always easy to figure out. That’s why they look for other clues, like when a business puts in the extra effort to offer a friendly greeting, a catered lunch, or a professional looking company vehicle. Car signage that prove the business has pride in what it does and cares about its customers.

Vehicle graphics are the cheapest type of marketing

It often surprises people to learn that car wraps are one of the most affordable ways to advertise your business. As opposed to tv, radio, magazine and other outdoor advertising methods, it has a far lower cost-per-view, and even compared to targeted digital marketing, signage on vehicle fleets fares well.

Something is better than nothing

If you’re on the fence about investing in signwriting for your car, know that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Something as simple as the name of your company professionally printed and placed on your car is effective. After all, most people will only see your sign for a fleeting moment, so just catching t

he name is enough to stick in their mind.

Ready to reap the many benefits of sign written vehicles? Contact the New Zealand signage specialists at Onform Signs today.

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