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Signage Tips to Stand Out from the Pack at Your Next Expo

If you’re putting your company on display at an upcoming exhibition, trade show or festival, you’ll know how important it is to stand out. With competition all around you, your expo signage needs to be bold, informative and eye catching. Here’s how to do it right.

Prepare well ahead of time

Get in touch with a signwriter well in advance to give yourself plenty of time to prepare. Once you find out what size booth you will be working with, your signwriting team can help you make the most of this space.

Be bold

Colourful, eye-catching designs are everything when it comes to expo signage. Use your company’s brand colours and graphics, include lettering that can be seen from far away, and find the perfect balance between bold signage and negative space to hold people’s attention.

Get creative

Once the basics are accounted for – your name, logo, colour scheme – there are lots of ways to get noticed amongst a crowd. Can you turn your entire booth signage into a piece of art or a seaside escape? Can you provide an interactive game or offer a tasty snack? Anything outside the box and hands-on will pull people in and stick in their minds.

Multiple signage types

Expo displays are not limited to just one type of signage – mix and match to catch people’s eyes in as many different ways as possible. Expos are the perfect place to use banners and flags, brochure stands and interactive graphics, fabric walls and marquees. Different people react to different media, so including a combination of techniques is always a good idea.

Engage with visitors

Crowds draw in bigger crowds, so you’ll want to keep visitors at your booth for long enough to pull more people in. Keep your guests intrigued with conversation, entertain them with product demonstrations, and keep them lingering a little longer with competitions and giveaways. You want people fighting for a place at your stand!

Include a call to action

You might feel like you had some great conversations with visitors to your booth, but without closing the sale, you can lose them right at the end. Instead of leaving them hanging, have a clear call to action to convert your visitors into customers. This could be a sign-up sheet for your newsletter, or you could book them in for an initial consultation – anything that will continue the connection with your new client.

Showing off your stuff at an upcoming expo in Auckland, the Waikato or anywhere else in NZ? Talk to Onform Signs about creating stand out signs.

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