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Make Vehicle Graphics Part of your Company Rebrand

Updated: May 21, 2019

A rebrand is an exciting time for a company – you’re updating the organisation’s image with a new logo, style and maybe even a name. Unfortunately, signwriting a company car is often low down on the list of priorities during a rebrand, and yet vehicle graphics are an important and effective part of a rebrand.

Here are our tops reasons why you shouldn’t overlook vehicle wraps if you are in the process of spending a whole lot of time, money and effort recreating your corporate image.

Car Wraps are Cost-Effective Marketing

Since you already own the vehicle, wrapping it is an excellent marketing strategy that gives the company car a dual purpose. Having the cost of the car out of the way, you essentially have free advertising space – make the most of it.

And while we’re talking about cost-effective marketing, it pays to note that wrapping a car has an excellent return on investment. Once broken down to a daily fee, vehicle graphics are mere dollars a day for thousands of views, making it far more effective than other advertising methods.

Make the Most of Mobile Billboards

You have a swish new logo, beautiful building signage and an exciting website; you may be promoting your new look with newspaper or magazine advertisements and possibly even static billboards around Auckland. By including vehicle wraps as part of the refreshed look, you will also have mobile billboards that catch people’s eyes every time you drive your sign written car, being seen by potential customers all over town.

The Rule of Seven

The Rule of Seven is a marketing concept wherein people need to hear or see an advertisement seven times before the brand cements in their mind, turning them into a new client or customer. Boiled down, what this means is the more ways you can be seen, the better. By driving around with a vehicle graphic on your car, you’re contributing to your company’s seven sightings.

You Want a Cohesive Rebrand

Sign writing cars is imperative for a consistent rebrand, especially if you have cars wrapped with old signage. Don’t stagger your rebrand; wait until you are ready to take it on whole heartedly. An effective rebrand is comprehensive and rolled out across all media – building signage and websites, advertisement and car wraps – all at the same time.

Vehicle Graphics are Attention Grabbers

Have you ever noticed interesting looking sign writing on the road, mentally noting the name so you can search the business online when you get home? You’re not alone: vehicle graphics grab people’s attention on the road, piquing their interest – especially when stuck in boring Auckland traffic.

Unusual Vehicles Make the Best Wraps

From Beetles to trailers, buses to cranes, the more unusual the better when it comes to vehicle graphics. By having a vehicle as bold as the signage itself, your message will be twice as powerful. If you have a fleet of utes, a boat or any other vehicle that sticks out like a sore thumb, getting it sign written will be a great way to show the world your new brand.

Get in touch with Onform Signs’ team of sign writers to talk about making vehicle graphics part of your company’s rebrand.

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