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How the Right Reception Signage Can Create a Lasting Impression

Once inside your building, the first thing any visitor will notice is your reception area. The entranceway to your office, you want this space to be inviting, attractive and reflect your business’s brand. Follow our signage tips to make sure this first point of contact impresses clients and guests.

The main reception sign

Our signwriters have created reception signage for countless offices across NZ. We know they will be seen by everyone who enters your office, so it’s important to get them right. Reception signs need to include your company’s name and logo, and little else. There’s plenty of opportunity to inform and direct people with office signage – just not here.

Despite these limitations, there’s plenty of room for creativity and brand expression. It’s surprising how much the colour, font, signage materials and lighting can combine to create a bespoke reception sign that suits your business to a tee.

The desk

The front desk is not just where your receptionist works, it’s also an important structural element of the entrance area. It creates a connection between guest and visitor and its appearance can act as a symbol of your office’s personality. Plus, the main reception sign is often placed above the desk, as this is a natural focal point.

Windows and walls

Frosted windows etched with your logo and interior walls enhanced with graphics are a welcome addition to office receptions. They can work with the other design elements in the room to create a cohesive look, offer privacy and inform visitors about your company. When designed properly, they can create the right mood and level of professionalism.

Wayfinding signs

Some reception areas benefit from wayfinding signs that help show visitors where to go. For instance, a subtle sign pointing out where the toilets are can avoid the awkwardness of a visitor needing to ask. Especially true in a large office, including wayfinding signage up front can make it more comfortable for guests.

Reception extras

Keep your visitors comfortable and show them you go that extra mile with a few additions to the reception area. Offer them a comfy place to sit while they wait and something to read. Create the right ambiance with attractive lighting and bring the space to life with some plants.

Use your reception to leave a lasting impression

For excellent reception signage in Auckland, the Waikato and across NZ, contact the signwriters at Onform Signs today.

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