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Holiday Signage Ideas to Increase Your Brand Presence and Sales

The summer holidays in New Zealand is the best time of the year to promote your brand or business with quality signage. We’ve all seen it prior to Christmas and New Year sales and developing bespoke signage at this time increases brand visibility and can also increase sales depending on what your business is. Customers are also likely to also be hitting the roads more, making it an ideal time for car wraps and outdoor signs to get your brand in the eyesight of potential customers. Read on to find out the best signage tips for the holiday season.

Promotional display signage

Christmas offers a huge opportunity for your business and to get creative with your promotional signage in a way that really provokes interest from potential customers. By creating eye-catching festive displays people are drawn to your business and it’s a surefire way to increase sales and brand presence. Draw in a crowd with indoor display signage such as flags, banners, posters and prints with festive messages or promotions.

Window and Frosting

Make your business stand up with spectacular eye-catching graphics for your windows and doors to maximise visibility and advertise your business or shop window. Window graphics and window frosting are ideal for the festive season to offer seasonal wishes and draw customers in with strong shop front display graphics with a holiday twist.

Illuminated and neon signs

If you haven’t already tried illuminated and neon signs you're in for a treat. Illuminated signs can include blacklist logos, lettering or blog neon signs. Neon signs glow bright making them very visible and helping your message, logo or brand stand out from the rest. You can create dazzling effects to really grab the attention of passers-by. You might be surprised to know neon is an affordable option to light up your brand presence this festive season.

Vehicle wraps

With more Kiwi’s hitting the roads over the summer holiday season than any other time of year it’s the ample opportunity to increase your brand presence with vehicle wraps. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise and promote your brand, and we all know being stuck in holiday traffic is no fun but that it’s impossible to miss what’s out the window. Take your advertising with you and get a vehicle wrap.

Amp up your outdoor signage

There’s many options when it comes to outdoor signage and building space can be utilised to display messages or branding. If you’re looking for retail options you can maximise foot traffic in the holiday season by doing a brand refresh or adding in holiday creative or a seasonal twist to your logo.

Ready to make the most out of the holiday season to increase your brand awareness and sales? Talk to Onform signs today.

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