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6 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Neon Signs

Neon signs have been helping attract customers and build brands since their first use at the Paris Motor Show in 1910. Over the last century, neon has remained a powerful tool in the signage industry. The team of signwriting experts at Auckland’s Onform Signs love working with this stuff, which is why we’ve come up with our top six reasons why your business should hop on the neon sign bandwagon.

But first, what is neon?

Neon is an odourless, colourless, inert gas. Neon signs are essentially glass tubes that are filled with this neon gas which glows when electricity passes through it.

Now, onto the benefits of neon signs.

1. They’re VERY Visible

Neon glows when plugged into an electrical outlet, making it a highly visible material to work with. Whether trying to stand out against the competition at a shopping complex during the day or against other restaurants on Auckland’s busiest streets at night, there’s nothing quite like a neon sign. With colours that glow and lights that buzz – neon is naturally eye-catching.

2. Unique, Highly Customisable Neon Sign Designs

There are two qualities that make neon an excellent option for unique signs and custom-made designs. First, neon tubes can be bent into a huge variety of shapes and forms. Second, there’s a wide range of business styles that suit neon’s distinctive look. These two traits go hand-in-hand, allowing professional signwriting team to play with shapes, colours and fonts in order to create a memorable, personalised sign each and every time.

3. Make the Most of 1950s Nostalgia

Neon signs were invented in 1910 and became a global signage sensation in the 1920s. While they have stayed popular to this day, their use is most closely aligned with the retro American diner look of the 1950s. Nowadays, modern neon signage is streamlined and classy, but neon signs can also be used to offer a nostalgic feel reminiscent of bygone eras, which is lots of fun!

4. Affordable Signage

Like the elements hydrogen, oxygen, helium and carbon, neon is in no short supply. Because it is so easy to find, neon is affordable and in turn signs made out of neon are inexpensive options.

5. Energy Efficient

Neon is also energy-efficient as it doesn’t produce heat and uses little electricity to stay running. It’s estimated that neon lighting can save 50 percent or more of the energy of traditional signage lighting. When your sign is plugged in day and night, affordability is a very attractive quality.

6. Low Maintenance Signage Option

With an average lifespan of up to 12 years, neon signs last significantly longer than signage options that use traditional lights. They are easy to install, are very safe and can be used both inside and outdoors. Get a signwriter to create a beautiful, bespoke neon sign and then let it do its magic without much in the way of bulb replacement or on-going maintenance.

If you want to get noticed with neon signs, talk to the signage team at Auckland’s Onform Signs today.

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