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The Onform Story

It all started from a little boy when designing logos and brands with a hobby. It grew into making it a realty with a start up company called GreatPlatz, we sold and designed plate surrounds, sold rare personalised plates and also designed small signs in our very own basement. With my wife and I up to midnight some nights weeding and applying the graphics on our dining table. It was how we made a living while still studying at The University of Auckland. 


Deciding from a young age of 23 years old

that signage was something that every

company needed, I decided to develop

from doing small plate surrounds to real

estate signs to small company re-brands.

One our first jobs with Format Signs was the

ANZ. With our Roland cutter, ACM panels

and long nights forming marketing plans, designing signs for customers we we were developing signs that we were proud of. 

One year later we moved to Morrin Road where Onform Signs was born, with a small team of 4 we were wrapping vehicles, installing signs from cherry pickers and illuminating East Auckland. We grow quiet rapidly from our 60ms premise, thus it was time to take Onform Signs to the next level and take on the busy Morrin Road, we had a fleet of vehicles on the road. It was here where we manufactured crane signs, high rise signs like AIG, hotel signs like Sudima, Vehicle signage and rebrands like world renown Engie. 

After 2 years in Morrin Road we were nation wide, thus it was time to find a bigger better location. 84 Onehunga Mall is our home today, we are a family run business with a dedicated team working to build brands from there logo up, working with clients to refresh and create successful small and large businesses. We are developing a huge range of signs with our; cutter, printers, flatbed printer and manufacturing departing. We create and print graphics for; interior designers, corporate and home owners. 


With Mel coming on full time this year we are able to offer everything to help our customers get their brand out there, by creating business cards, websites, uniforms, vehicle signage and promotional products.

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