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Are you Level 3 ready?

Onform Signs is a Covid-19 Essential Services company that has been responsible
right from the beginning for supplying the clear safety screens and signage seen in
most Essential Service Retailers.


We reacted quickly, developed, manufactured and
delivered these screens often working right through the night to ensure delivery and
to help keep our people & country safe.


We have a team of clever thinkers that deliver amazing results under extreme
pressure, we managed to produce over 5500 screens in under 4 days.

We are now gearing up to move into the next phase of New Zealand’s lockdown
moving back to level 3 and beyond. As a nation we will still be needing to “Practice
Social Distancing” and ensure our retailers and others are kept safe. This catalogue
will help you choose items to do just that.

Please note: Get in while stocks last, as imports are stalled.

Brands we have helped during CV-19
  • Pak’n Save

  • Four Square

  • New World

  • Countdown

  • Fresh Choice

  • Unichem

  • Life Pharmacy

  • The Chemist Warehouse

  • Pullman Hotels

  • Novotel Hotels

  • Ibis Hotels

  • Grand Mercure

  • Sudima Hotels

  • Sofitel Hotels

  • Rentokil Initial

  • Tegal Foods

  • NZ Police

  • NZ Defence Force

  • Transpower

  • Auckland Hospital

  • Middlemore Hospital

  • North Shore Hospital

  • Local Councils

  • SuperLiquor

  • Local GP Doctors & more

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Onform Jared
Onform 1
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Onform production 2
Covid19 - Projects
Small A Frames 1

Covid-19 - PPE Safety Screens

Covid-19 Protective Screen Small Desktop

Part No. SC01
Size: 465mm (w) x 1005mm (h)
Material: Clear Acrylic
Fixing: Double sided tape to counter
Ideal Use: Retail, Pharmacy, Dairy, Food Counter, Security, Check In

Unit Prices

1-17 $485 ea
18+ $350 ea

As seen in 4 Squares, Unichem, Life Pharmacy & Chemist Warehouse

Screen depicted in photo is wider than 1100mm SC02 looks the same, just not so wide

Covid-19 Protective Screen Large Desktop

Part No. SC02

Size: 1100mm (w) x 1200mm (h)
Material: Clear Acrylic
Fixing: Double sided tape to counter
Ideal Use: Retail, Pharmacy, Dairy, Food Counter, Security, Check In

18+ $450 ea
1-17 $550 ea

Covid-19 Protective Screen Small

Part No. SC03
Size: 600mm (w) x 1050mm (h)
Material: 6mm Clear Acrylic
Fixing: Comes with 6 drilled holes, screw to counter.
Ideal Use: Retail, Pharmacy, Dairy, Food Counter, Security, Check In

1-17 $285 ea
18+ $200 ea

As seen in Pak'nSave

Countdown Dist Centre custom screens.jpg

Covid-19 Custom Built Free Standing Screens

Size: ____mm (w) x ____mm (h)
Material: Clear Acrylic
Fixing: TBA
Ideal Use: When needing a non standard size or specification


This unit is custom-built for Countdown Distribution Centres.

Still has a protective liner on

Covid-19 Rolling Clear Screens

Part No. SC04
Size: 1800mm (w) x 1800mm (h)
Material: Metal frame, base and castors, Plexiglass clear panels, comes with
“Social Distancing” graphic
Ideal use: Doctors Surgeries, Distribution Centers, Line workers

1-10 $1000 ea
10+ $780 ea
Rolling Screen - Onform.jpg

Can be converted to overhang production lines / conveyor belts

Covid-19 Desk Seperator

Part No. SC-005
Size: 1000mm (w) x 800mm (h)

Material: Clear Acrylic

Fixing: VHB tape to desk

Ideal Use: "L" shaped for use in office space for desktop seperation

1-17 $300 ea
18 + $220 ea

Covid-19 Custom Built Clear walls

Size: ____mm (w) x ____mm (h)
Material: Clear Acrylic
Fixing: TBA
Ideal Use: When a larger solution or specification is needed


Distribution Centre critical areas

Covid-19 Don’t Cross Line Floor Graphic

Part No. C19-001F
Size: 1200mm (w) x 75mm (h)
Material: Self adhesive floor graphic (non slip laminate)
Ideal use: For secure areas and in front of the clear screens to prevent people touching / leaning on the counter

1-17 $30 ea
18+ $20 ea

Covid-19 Vehicle Windscreen Banner

Part No. C19-002
Size: 1350mm (w) x 70mm (h)
Material: Self adhesive sticker
Pack of 2 (front & rear)

1-17 $50 ea
18+ $40 ea
Onform vehicles 1.jpg
Essential vehicle.jpg

Covid-19 2mtr Floor Graphic

Covid-19 Pull up banner

1-17 $30 ea

Part No. C19-003F
Size: 260mm (w) x 260mm (h)
Material: Self adhesive floor graphic (non slip laminate)

18+ $20 ea

Part No. PU-004
Size: 850mm (w) x 2000mm (h)
Material: Std pull up

1-17 $300 ea
18+ $280 ea

Example only, you supply correct wording to suit. Please check, check and triple check your wording before submitting, we will simply copy / paste your copy.

Covid-19 Stop Sign

Covid-19 2 metre Social Distancing Sign

1-17 $45 ea

Part No. C19-005
Size: 610mm (w) x 810mm (h)
Material: 4mm Palite UV Printed
Logo in Black Optional

Social Distancing.jpg
18+ $35 ea

Part No. C19-006
Size: 610mm (w) x 810mm (h)
Material: 4mm Palite UV Printed
Logo in Black Optional

1-17 $45 ea
18+ $35 ea

Covid-19 Wash Hands Sign

Covid-19 Clear Screen Banners


Part No. C19-007
Size: 610mm (w) x 810mm (h)
Material: 4mm Palite UV Printed
Logo in Black Optional

1-17 $45 ea
18+ $35 ea

Part No. C19-008
Size: 600mm (w) x 100mm (h)
Material: Self adhesive sticker

1-17 $5 ea
18+ $3 ea

Covid-19 Double Sided Plastic A Board

1-17 $350 ea

Part No. AB-001
Fits Size: 610mm (w) x 810mm (h)
Material: Fillable ABS Plastic
Colour: White or Grey (subject to availability)

18+ $250 ea

Covid-19 2meter Social Distancing Skirt

Part No. C19-009
Size: 2300mm (w) x 690mm (h)
Material: Digital printed flexible media designed
to wrap around tables or benches.
Fixing: Double sided tape

1-17 $240 ea
18+ $180 ea

Covid-19 A Frame Message or White Board

Colour: White or Yellow (subject to availability)

Part No. AB-002
Size: 330mm (w) x 915mm (h)
Material: Plastic with self adhesive graphic
or blank & laminated for whiteboard pen use

1-17 $350 ea
18+ $250 ea

Covid-19 Wrap Around Face Shield

Part No. FS-003
Covid-19 Wrap Around Face Shield
Developed by us. Designed to be available to the masses at affordable pricing. It is made from a biodegradable clear plastic that has FDA approval. Comes flat pack in two pieces, shield and the band. Can be produced by the thousands quickly.

Unit Pricing:

10-20: $10 ea
100-1000: $4 ea
20-100: $6 ea
1800+: POA

Developed & made by us in our Onehunga Factory

Covid-19 Bundle Packaged kit

Part No. C19-BPKIT

Covid-19 Hand Sanitising Station

1 x Protective Screen Small SC01
1 x Don’t Cross Line Floor Graphic C19-001F
2 x 2mtr Floor Graphic C19-003F
1 x Stop Sign C19-005
4 x 2 meter Social Distancing Signs C19-006
1 x A Frame White Board AB-002


Total Value $1150

1 - $850 ea
$250 ea

Part No. HSS01

Includes 250mL alcohol-based sanitiser.

5L refill - $200 ea

10+ $190 ea
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Email orders to:

  • We will e-mail back with an invoice that has credit card and online capabilities. Once paid, we dispatch next working day.

  • For custom builds please email us a brief of your requirements and we will call you back to discuss.

  • Please note: our phones aren't always manned, email is the fastest way to get a quick response.

  • All Pricing is Excl. GST - Free Freight NZ Wide!

Health & Safety:

  • We are currently not accepting clients into our

  • premises.

  • Our workplace is sanitised frequently and items we touch will be cleaned before dispatch to you.

  • Please treat it as contaminated the same as you would taking home goods from a supermarket and sanitise again once in your possession.

  • For bulk counter screens we can offer an after-hours installation service.

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